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Who do you like to travel with?

Travelling is a very personal experience, but the road travelled alone can be a road travelled with less fun and meaning. You can build and share memories for the experiences you go through and learn a lot about each other. If nothing else, you have a ready-made photographer for your holiday snaps!... [ Read More ]

7 Weird Things I Found in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has many things I'd think as being 'normal' here in the UK: a good health care system, regular rainfall, a diverse culture and population... but being in the Latin Quarter of the world, 8,500 miles from the UK, there are still things which surprise.... [ Read More ]

Protect Against Malaria

Our travelers guide to avoiding Malaria. This guide has been put together for travelers visiting Countries where Malaria has known to be a problem. We hope to share with you the relevant information you need to help keep you safe from contracting the disease whilst on your travels. ... [ Read More ]